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West Michigan Generator looks forward to helping you work through the many options available when you’re looking to purchase a standby generator. With over 15 years’ experience as a generator dealer, we are qualified to help you make the best decision for your individual situation. We’re committed to working with you from choosing the best generator to installation to help maintain your generator throughout it’s lifecycle.



Contact us for a FREE in-home or in-business estimate and we will provide you with a couple of recommendations for your review.



Our experienced team of installation technicians will deliver the generator to you, hook it up to gas (or propane) and electric, start up your generator and explain to you the exercise cycle and answer any other questions you may have.



We recommend a Preventative Maintenance annually that will include testing the battery, changing filters as necessary and replacing the oil and spark plugs.

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What type of fuel does a home standby generator use?

Permanently installed back-up generators use your homes existing natural gas or liquid propane gas supply. The gas is connected to the generator for automatic fueling during an outage.

How much does a home standby generator cost?

A fully installed generator includes a concrete pad, oil warmer, transfer switch, battery, any permits required for installation in your area and electrical and gas line hook-up. Because every home is unique and power management needs vary by individual, please call us for a FREE in-home consultation for an accurate quote.

How is a generator installed?

Our skilled, factory-trained electricians will install your home standby generator. Installation requires electrical wiring, gas connections and permitting (varies by municipality), all of which will be managed by our team for full-service, worry-free installation.

What are the benefits of owning a standby generator?

- Food stays cold
- Lights stay on
- Internet continues to work
- Television works
- Sump pump runs
- If you’re on a well, you have water!
- Air conditioning runs or heat stays on
- No loud noise and fumes from running a portable generator

What Size Generator Do I Need?

Every home and business is different, along with the power needs of every individual. Because of this variability, the only way you can properly determine the size is by having a qualified dealer visit your home or business. Once on site, the professional can assess the property’s power needs and provide an accurate size recommendation and quote.

What's New?

“West Michigan Generator not only helped us select the right generator for our lakeshore home, but has consistently done an excellent job in maintaining it over the years. They give us peace of mind in all kinds of weather but, particularly, when storms blow in off the lake."
Ted and Sherri Williams